Accompanied by government's plans to soar competition of universities and school's features and the policy of the college of management, we focus on the following guidelines, in order to fit into the future of commercial service with technology applied.

  1. Building the interdisciplinary environment: Government's policy for setting the interdisciplinary intern courses or modular courses to train the interdisciplinary employees.
  2. Preparing graduates for the industry: since 2014, we have cooperated with the Digiwin Software Co., Ltd. in announcing the career-oriented program. 155 students have enrolled in this program and until now, 33 students are interns in the Digiwin Software Co., Ltd. We believe graduating from this program helps them gets a job quickly. We also offer ERP qualification course, 111 students get ERP certificate with the assistance from the course.
  3. Exhibition of technology and equipment promotes collaboration between industry and school. In order to synchronize the center with the "new retail" industry technology and heighten students' acknowledged technical knowledge, we combine four new fields such as smart retail, smart financial, smart logistics, smart technology and other related equipment.
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