As Amazon Go and Taocafe showing up, new retail become the focus of 2017. The best customer service is to let consumers need not be served; to reach such an ideal realm, enterprises should set up an integrated self-service mechanism to develop an easy-to-use, appealing interface and procedure, which helps the customers to conduct self-service. In response the new trends, we re-setup Center for Commerce Automation to found the Intelligent Business Center. The IBC intends to solve the bottlenecks of retail industry and build up facilities to support smart retail. The vision of IBC is to make up an industry oriented environment for new model for new retail and prepare our students for the new retail.
    The IBC employs four core functions and three approaches to facilitate interdisciplinary integration. The four core functions are smart retail, smart logistic, smart fintech, and smart technology. The three approaches are industry application, train program, and innovate entrepreneur. The main practice is to set up an virtual shopping floor to support four core functions. The virtual shopping floor is consists of an Outdoor Shopping Board for customer interactions; Unmanned Retail Vending Machines and Smart Lockers for vistors to experience smart retail; APP programs for visitors to make orders through theirs mobile devices; Wifi Analysis Sensors to detect the MAC addresses of visitors’ mobile devices; Intelligent Pedestrians Analysis to indentify customer behaviors and hotspot analysis; Private Cloud to store all kind of information; and a War Room to provide prompt and interactive information, including external order, scheduling, and automated equipment processing.
    The IBC takes ''new retail-integrated'' as the research purpose, intending to break through the traditional retail industry bottleneck, reconstruct the new retail business model with high efficiency, and become a platform for interdisciplinary integration. We commence intelligent business from industrial R&D, educational training, innovation and entrepreneurship, creating a new field for the Intelligent business job market, guiding students to deepen the smart retail industry, and expecting to solve the dilemma faced by the traditional retail industry. 

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